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Crisis in Ukraine

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Crisis in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the world watched in horror as Russian troops poured into Ukraine in an unprovoked attack on the smaller country. Within days, millions of Ukrainians had fled the escalating violence, many with pets in tow. The journey is daunting, with many families traveling for days without food. In partnership with Greater Good Charities, we’re providing emergency relief to help people and pets impacted by the war. These efforts include distributing nourishing meals and supplies at border crossings for Ukrainian refugees fleeing from attack while serving hot food in shelters and camps for those who remain in the country. As this crisis continues to unfold, our response will evolve to meet the need where it is greatest.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, GreaterGood increased the daily number of times you can click the “Click to Give” button on our websites. Now instead of clicking once daily, you can click on each site up to twelve times a day! Your extra clicks have helped us fund critical pandemic relief efforts. We continue to welcome your additional clicks, but, effective immediately, funds generated from additional clicks will be directed toward supporting the millions of people and pets affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Click here for more information.

Do More

Your daily clicks make a difference, but the need in Ukraine and neighboring countries is profound. By making a direct donation to our "Crisis in Ukraine" emergency fund, 100% of your gift will support Ukrainian people and pets impacted by this war. You can also buy products to show your support of peace in Ukraine. Every purchase from our Ukraine collection will fund an extra donation to support GreaterGood’s relief efforts.


Will my clicks still feed the hungry and support research, therapy, and conservation efforts? Yes! We will continue to support the important programs GreaterGood has become known for. For the duration of this crisis, revenue generated through your additional clicks will help us fund emergency relief efforts in Ukraine. Some of our partners have already pivoted to help with these relief efforts.

Why can't I make all my clicks at one time? In order to ensure we don't get flooded with fake bot traffic, our security protocols require users to spread their clicks out over several hours.

Why can't I click more than 12 times a day? While sponsor advertising covers much of the cost of clicking, GreaterGood is committed to shouldering additional costs that advertising does not cover. More than 12 clicks a day would be unsustainable for us and jeopardize our ongoing support of GreaterGood’s signature programs.