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The PLAY Project Works-- It Gave Me Back My Son with Autism

My son improved dramatically from his ASD using the PLAY Project parent implemented model. Doing therapy with mom at home, he overcame a sever e speech delay. At eighteen months he had the speech of a 6-9 month old. By the time he graduated preschool, he no longer had a speech delay, and was ahead of typically developing children for his expressive and receptive language! PLAY Project was our happy ever after and our miracle. No lengthy therapy sessions in an institutional setting. Our therapy was done at the zoo, in a park, on a swing, in the backyard, on the floor, anytime and anywhere. Its been our miracle. The best part was no drugs or biomedical interventions. I thought it was impossible, but I got my son back from autism with the PLAY Project.

Meghan E Griesemer
Columbus, OH