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Fly Away To The Big Blue Sky

In a world where your ears never get a break from noise. I wish I could cry out for the noise to go far, far, far away but I can't, nobody can. It's only a thought, a dream. As I look up to the sky, I see something out of the blue. It takes me a while to see what it is. But when I do see it it come down. It's a Huge umbrella. As soon as I grab the candy cane handle I take off into the clouds whoosh. It's silent up there very very silent. As I look down everything is the size of pebbles. Then I miss them I miss my friends, my family, and my pets and teachers. While I was looking down I lower more and more to the ground until my feet touch the ground. Now I miss the quietness But hey that's life and that's out of are control. Now I'm heading to school, into the bus I mumble go away noise I walk into the screaming school and into the chattering classroom. As I much as I dislike noise but I also like it too. By Jadon Thompson An 11-Year-Old With Autism 2017

Candace Caswell-Thompson
Hudson, WI