An Autism love Story

The first time Jeffrey met our daughter was in 6th grade. They saw each other all the time at school. It took him though till their 8th grade graduation to get up enough courage to have his mom come to me during the ceremony. His mom said that she fell in love with our twin girls when Mikayla's sister was crying because she didn't want to leave her favorite teacher and Mikayla being mother hen, said to me in a loud voice, "mom she's crying". So, his mom approached me and told me her son was in love with Mikayla. I was hesitant at first but His mom and I talked at the reception and while we were talking he took our daughters hand and they began to dance to the music. All the teachers, aids and other parents were saying awww. Then he had her sit and he brought her drink and snacks. We exchanged phone numbers and that night he FaceTimed her and all 4 of us talked. This was the start of a forever love story. Their first date was on July 16th. It's been over 8 months now and even though they are in different high schools, we get them together at least once or twice a week and they FaceTime each other all the time. There conversations usually last no more than a minute or two but they always say love and miss you to each other and blow each other kisses. Their love for each other just gets stronger everyday. No teenage drama. Jeffrey is always a perfect gentleman and he treats her like a Princess. They only kiss on the cheek and they hug and hold hands at times but are also perfectly content to just sit by each other and not touch. It's truly a real pure love story and they are proof that love has no boundaries and not even Autism can stand in their way of having a relationship. They have big plans for the future that includes marriage and a family when they turn 20 in 5 years.

Ruskin, FL