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Sign the pledge encouraging companies to hire individuals with autism.

Employers around the country are increasingly hiring individuals with autism. And autism experts say this integration into the workplace is critical for those with autism to gain independence and improve their own quality of life.

It's not simply a stereotype to say that individuals with autism can possess astonishing and enlightened talents. For example some with autism are highly artistic; some exhibit heightened memorization abilities; some are extremely adept with miniscule details.

Workers on the autism spectrum can contribute new potential and capacities to a company, thereby increasing not only the organization's diversity, but also its range of capabilities.

Sign the pledge promoting individuals with autism in the workplace!

Here are a few companies who are making strides in incorporating the autism community in their workforce. They have proven that autism does not define a person and their ability to function in mainstream society.

SAP Pledges to Hire Adults with Autism For 1% of Workforce

Young Adults With Autism Can Thrive In High-Tech Jobs

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