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My Passion for Magic and Autism started out when I was in high school. I worked at a local magic shop called best Magic. A 26 year old autistic gentleman named Scott came in with his mother every other Saturday looking for gag items that shocked people i.e. shocking lighter, shocking pen etc. I asked the other magicians in the shop at the time if they have ever shown Scott a Magic trick before and they responded with “No he's autistic and we don't know if he will understand it." Ignoring their assumption, I continued to show Scott a Magic and Suddenly something “came to Life" in Scott. Come to find out he did understand that Magic took place and instantly wanted to learn and that's how I started with Magic and Autism. And since then I have dedicated my craft as much as possible to Magic and Autism by creating tricks designed for the Autistic Mind. I’ve recently started teaching Magic to family and friends of the Autism community as a communication aide as well as a social tool to help them connect and share with their loved ones.

"When it comes to Autism don't limit your interaction with these brilliant minded individuals, instead be a piece of the puzzle!" - David Bonfadini

Peace, Love, & Magic,

-The Magic of Bonfadini

David Bonfadini
Encinitas, CA

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