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Every parent dreams of the perfect child.Well some are born just a little more perfect than others.We were just kids when we got married .We were married 16 years before we had our son. We had suffered two miscarriages and was giving up hope. But on January 8,1992 ,we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy .Eight pounds two ounces..He was perfect.He hit all his milestone up to the age of 18 months ,That's when things began to change.No talking,no eye contact.We had lost him.So began all the therapy.Anything we could do to try to bring him back..He started kindergarten with all the other children his age,yet he was so far behind them.Although her would say a word or two, they rarely made sense.Then we noticed he was fond of letters and realized her could read and spell.His first day of kindergarten he came home and spelled astronaut and encyclopedia.Keep in mind he still could not talk in conversation but could spell and read.He has always been a hummer.Always that was his self stem.He seemed to hum songs along with the radio.I ask our school music teacher Kim Sutton if he could set in on an afternoon music chorus class she had just formed.He loved it,but when she would have to stop to work with the other children on the music,Logan would scream and run out of the room.But being a wonderful teacher that she is,She would not let me pull him out.

After being in that program for years.Logan is now a solo singer with perfect pitch.He was just given the opportunity to go to Nashville and cut his very first cd.Logan now sings at several venues in our community and churches.Although he still cannot carry on a conversation his music speaks for him.

Darlene Blade "Logan's mom"

Darlene Blade
Culleoka, TN

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