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Goal: 15,000 Progress: 8,195
Sponsored by: The Autism Site

World Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd, and it's the perfect time to help increase awareness about issues concerning autism.

Autism affects people from all nations, of all colors, in all geographic regions. And the occurrences of autism are only increasing. Caring for individuals with autism as well as educating others about its realities have proven tremendous goals, but we can all make a difference by creating more awareness around this condition.

For example, did you know that some with autism are highly artistic, or exhibit heightened memorization abilities, or are extremely adept with miniscule details?

Shedding some of the stereotypes and reinforcing the facts are a great way to honor World Autism Day. Please sign our pledge, and in the comments section, let us know something you'd like others to be aware of about autism.

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Petition Signatures

Nov 27, 2015 Elaine Snell
Nov 27, 2015 Wilhelmina Edelston
Nov 27, 2015 Bernice Bradley I have two autistic grandsons. People need to be more understanding that they cannot control a lot of things. Educating ourselves on what this disorder is would hopefully help people understand them. I get tired of people calling them retarded.
Nov 25, 2015 (Name not displayed) My daughter is partially autistic. She is beautiful and very sociable. She likes to be with family and friends who love her a lot. I am so blessed. And she is my angel. People are taking more attention to autism and caring a lot more.
Nov 25, 2015 Carlie Brough
Nov 21, 2015 Jana Kampmann I have a child on the spectrum who gets treated different all the time wish people had compassion
Nov 20, 2015 Michaela Osiecki My partner is on the spectrum and it's so heartbreaking to watch people get frustrated with him or treat him badly because he perceives the world just a bit differently from the average person.
Nov 15, 2015 Marie Hemphill There are different types of Autism.
Nov 13, 2015 Laura Grigg
Nov 11, 2015 Danielle Yates People need to educate themselves instead of judging and putting their nose into it when not everyone goes threw this
Nov 11, 2015 Elizabeth Gibson
Nov 10, 2015 Bill Gemmell I love my son and am very proud of the beautiful man he is.
Nov 10, 2015 (Name not displayed) Autism should be on the news everyday. There are still too many people out there that don't understand it and don't know what it is. All of the children I have come across with Autism - each one is separate and special.
Nov 6, 2015 Christine Iadeluca
Nov 6, 2015 rhonda lawford
Nov 6, 2015 Maria dels Àngels Beltran
Nov 5, 2015 Kirk Brewer
Nov 5, 2015 Erin Carney Brewer
Nov 3, 2015 matt gilberg So many say that they understand kids with autism but they really don't. It takes huge personal sacrifices to be able to say that. MOst are not up to the task.
Nov 2, 2015 Amber Rouleau I wish the schools would start educating students & PARENTS about both high & low functioning autism. Just because a child is high functioning, does not mean they understand things the way you & I do. Most kids don't know what autism is & are misinformed.
Nov 1, 2015 Virginia Cassidy
Nov 1, 2015 Kathy Willis
Oct 28, 2015 BLANKA PETERS
Oct 28, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Oct 24, 2015 kelly barreca
Oct 22, 2015 Haylee Robitaille
Oct 21, 2015 Keelin Pohl
Oct 20, 2015 Nicole Norris
Oct 20, 2015 Heidi Francis
Oct 19, 2015 (Name not displayed) There needs to be more tolerance and awareness for females on the spectrum, both children and adults.
Oct 19, 2015 Orva M Gullett
Oct 18, 2015 Joseph Alven Noble
Oct 15, 2015 jorge lopez
Oct 14, 2015 Elaine Heathcoat
Oct 14, 2015 Susan Armistead, M.D.
Oct 12, 2015 mildred crawford
Oct 12, 2015 Geraldine (Dina) Russo
Oct 11, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Oct 11, 2015 (Name not displayed) Opinion,it's not a condition. It is just another way that the human civilization functions and our society (although going about it too slowly) will need to come to terms on providing an education and life suitable for this group of exceptional consumers.
Oct 11, 2015 (Name not displayed) Something I want people to know about if you want my son to succeed in school is: HAVE PATIENCE, Understanding, and the WANT to help him be great! He may also not look at your eyes, this is not disrespect, he's scared or intimidated by this!
Oct 11, 2015 Lisa Marie Kelle
Oct 11, 2015 Kim Riley That they are special children and adults who need a little extra help that's all. Treat them the way you would want to be treated. Have patients and understanding
Oct 11, 2015 Karen McKinley Smith.
Oct 11, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Oct 11, 2015 Heather Pinel
Oct 11, 2015 Ian Irons
Oct 11, 2015 barbara weteska
Oct 11, 2015 (Name not displayed) I'd like more awareness this affects girls too, and that there are many women who've been missed because people too readily assume it only affects boys
Oct 11, 2015 Solange Castro
Oct 11, 2015 matthew baxter

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