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It has recently come to our attention that Regent Entertainment has begun adding sensory-friendly screenings to a portion, around 6%, of their theaters. We at the Autism Site enthusiastically applaud this fantastic work on their part and urge them to continue until all their theaters have options for sensory-friendly showings. So keep signing if you support this; they've made excellent progress, but they're not quite there yet!
Goal: 45,000 Progress: 9,354
Sponsored by: The Autism Site

Family outings to the movie theater are a great way to get out with your children and spend a few hours laughing together. Millions do it every week. Yet, for families that have children with autism, a day at the movies can be a difficult, and sometimes impossible, ordeal. Too many parents have stories about their children disturbing other viewers, which often leads to being asked to leave the theater. That can be traumatizing for the child and parents. So what can we do?

Recently there has been a trend in sensory friendly films in certain theaters. These showings help to make the experience easier for kids and adults by leaving the lights dimmed, but not turned off, keeping sound reduced from the normal booming audio, and also encouraging kids to clap, talk, and even play in the theater! There are no worries about complaints or meltdowns; kids can behave how they need to.

Sadly, not every chain takes part in this new effort. While theater chain AMC started the sensory friendly shows trend, they are hardly the largest theater chain, making it difficult for many people to take part in these shows. We would like to see that change!

The largest theater chain in America, Regent Entertainment, does not offer sensory friendly showings. Chances are you have a Regent theater near you, and if they were to offer sensory friendly shows, the rest of the industry would most likely follow. This is the first step to making family movie days a wonderful and stress-free experience.

Ask CEO of Regent Entertainment Amy Miles to offer sensory friendly shows in their theaters so every family can enjoy a trip to the movies.

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Dear Regal Entertainment CEO Amy Miles,

I am writing on behalf of the 3.5 million Americans on the autism spectrum who would love to be guests in your theater, but don't feel welcome.

For many families, going to see a movie is an entertaining way to spend time together. But for kids on the autism spectrum, the traditional movie experience can be overwhelming due to loud noises and the dark environment. For many families with kids on the spectrum, going to a movie theater together is simply not an option. Luckily, forward thinking theater chains have begun to offer sensory-friendly showings, allowing for even more guests, far more income, and providing a safe place for these families to take their children.

What we find disturbing is that, as the largest movie chain in American, Regent Entertainment can also you refuse to make the parents and children that are not able to take part in a traditional movie experience feel welcome. By refusing to acknowledging and welcoming them, you are not only being dismissive, you are missing out on what could create an enormous, new revenue stream. Creating a family friendly environment is simple and low-cost, and will go a long way in making people on the spectrum feel less stigmatized. Instead, guests at Regal Entertainment theaters feel they are not welcome to come see a show if their child is on the spectrum.

There are so many families with children on the spectrum who would love to become your regular customers. Please follow the lead of other major theater chains and help make families with children on the spectrum feel welcome in your theaters by providing them with sensory-friendly screenings.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Mar 30, 2017 Bryna Schreier
Mar 30, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 30, 2017 Teri-Lynn Patrick
Mar 30, 2017 Kyriaki P
Mar 30, 2017 April Eversole
Mar 30, 2017 Joan Sadlo
Mar 30, 2017 Cheryl Buschmann If smaller theaters call do it, so can you.
Mar 30, 2017 Rosina Cespedes
Mar 30, 2017 sheila zoss
Mar 30, 2017 Brigid Johnson
Mar 30, 2017 Janet Neihart
Mar 30, 2017 Candice Chavez
Mar 30, 2017 Joan McKay
Mar 30, 2017 Michelle Franca
Mar 30, 2017 Lori Visioli
Mar 30, 2017 Mike Mountjoy
Mar 30, 2017 Leslie MacKnight
Mar 30, 2017 Tasha jones
Mar 30, 2017 Mary Harris
Mar 30, 2017 Dana Darden
Mar 30, 2017 Donna Erie
Mar 30, 2017 Sara Fox-Uvalle
Mar 30, 2017 Gwen Weil
Mar 30, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 30, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 30, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 30, 2017 Francis Lora
Mar 30, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 29, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 29, 2017 Cheri Childers
Mar 29, 2017 Courtney Wirt
Mar 29, 2017 Gary Serrano
Mar 29, 2017 Cliff Harris
Mar 29, 2017 Rachael Lyons
Mar 29, 2017 Cheryl LaJoie
Mar 28, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 28, 2017 Melanie Vandesteene
Mar 28, 2017 Jessica Miller
Mar 28, 2017 Juana Berchan
Mar 28, 2017 Corina Christensen
Mar 28, 2017 Holly Dixon
Mar 27, 2017 Donna Brown
Mar 27, 2017 Brittany Montgomery
Mar 27, 2017 Allison Jones
Mar 27, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 27, 2017 Sarah Barton
Mar 26, 2017 jessica benning
Mar 26, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Mar 26, 2017 Lajeanne Leveton wonderful idea!
Mar 26, 2017 (Name not displayed)

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