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Goal: 50,000 Progress: 36,724
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The AMBER alert was established to notify communities of missing children and provide information about the situation in question. If a child with autism goes missing, though, the circumstances can be much more dangerous.

Children with autism can wander far from their homes without understanding the dangers around them. There have been many unnecessary deaths due to children getting lost or falling into bodies of water.

We need to establish a system for children with autism much like the AMBER alert to provide authorities with information about the child's condition, communication abilities, nicknames, favorite spots, etc.

Keep our children with autism safe! Ask the Department of Justice to support a special alert for missing children with autism.

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Dear Attorney General Eric Holder,

We all have witnessed the success of the AMBER alert system as hundreds of missing children have returned home safely. It's now time we implement a similar system for children with autism.

Some 90 percent of children with autism are prone to wandering from their homes or families without thought to the dangers around them. Many of these children have wandered into forests, gotten lost in extreme weather or drowned in bodies of water.

The fact is, the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a child with autism can differ greatly from those of a child without. We need to implement a warning system like the AMBER alert that would notify authorities and communities of a child's triggers, nicknames and favorite spots. This kind of information would be vital to finding a missing child with autism before he or she becomes endangered.

Please do your part to protect missing children with autism by creating an alert system to more effectively reunite families.

Thank you for your consideration.

Petition Signatures

Dec 1, 2015 betsy cain
Nov 30, 2015 Michelle Chandler
Nov 30, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 25, 2015 Gary Hackworth
Nov 22, 2015 Jim Sheridan
Nov 18, 2015 tan su wei
Nov 16, 2015 Paul-Denis Clermont
Nov 16, 2015 Sherry Johnson Definitely!!
Nov 15, 2015 Marie Hemphill
Nov 12, 2015 Mary Wendtland
Nov 12, 2015 Kaelyn Steinberger
Nov 12, 2015 Melinda Garrison We need to keep these children safe
Nov 11, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 11, 2015 Meghan VanWegen I work very closely with children whom are autistic. I feel that they too should have a way of being found quicker with the help of an alert. Circumstances surrounding missing children is already scary especially for those with disabilities.
Nov 11, 2015 Lisa Byard I have 2 autistic grandsons and I think this is something that is greatly needed. If my grandsons were missing I would hope I could depend on an alert system specifically geared toward them. Please help implement this for all autistic children
Nov 11, 2015 Jeanne Savino
Nov 11, 2015 Deborah Sumlin
Nov 11, 2015 Vicky Mendelsohn Please help we need to keep all children safe!
Nov 11, 2015 Monica Dominguez
Nov 11, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 11, 2015 Kelli Shoemaker PLEASE
Nov 11, 2015 Asha Gangasarran
Nov 11, 2015 Hector Rodriguez
Nov 11, 2015 Linda Connell
Nov 11, 2015 Bonnie Reynolds
Nov 11, 2015 Annika Hasenkamp
Nov 11, 2015 Tina Shann
Nov 11, 2015 Pam Dix
Nov 11, 2015 Nicole Jacomet
Nov 11, 2015 Michelle Wodarski Keep our children safe. It's so important that people understand that all children are different and special
Nov 11, 2015 Jennifer Quiles I have three special needs children and this would be great... Please help our children
Nov 9, 2015 Patrik Löfgren
Nov 8, 2015 (Name not displayed) There should be an alert system in place to help find children with disabilities such as autism so that less tragedies occur.
Nov 6, 2015 Christine Iadeluca
Nov 6, 2015 Kyna Figueroa
Nov 6, 2015 katherine salerno yes there needs to be an alert system in place for autism children !! as a grandmother of 9 grands i think its really a great idea !!
Nov 6, 2015 thomas cherry
Nov 6, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 5, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 5, 2015 Jennifer Annable
Nov 5, 2015 shannon hudson
Nov 5, 2015 Deanna Haggard Please pass this as a parent of a child with this, we have enough to worry about.
Nov 5, 2015 Michelle Holmes Thank you!
Nov 5, 2015 Jennifer Harrington
Nov 5, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Nov 5, 2015 Norada Thomas Please establish an alert for missing children that have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder.
Nov 5, 2015 Amber MacNeil
Nov 5, 2015 Dandi Moore
Nov 5, 2015 Jennifer Catey
Nov 5, 2015 Mary Hansen

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