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If you previously signed this petition on The Child Health Site, your signature has been sent to Governor Jan Brewer. If you know someone who is interested in this cause, please direct them to sign the petition! Thank you!
Goal: 20,000 Progress: 2,631
Sponsored by: The Autism Site

Families living and dealing with autism are facing yet another threat against their insurance coverage. A bill was recently passed in Arizona that would now require families to pay for autism treatments and care largely out of pocket. SB 1593 would nullify previous legislation that allowed families to be reimbursed for autism therapies.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has the power to stand up for families living with autism by vetoing this legislation. If she doesn't, many families will be left with few options as to how to cover their autism therapy costs.

Ask Governor Brewer to do the right thing and fight for families living with autism.

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Dear Governor Brewer:

I am writing to request that you oppose a discriminatory piece of legislation that was recently passed in Arizona. SB 1593, if enacted into law, would make it so that many families who are now receiving insurance coverage for autism therapies will now have to pay largely out of pocket for the same treatments.

This is completely unfair. Those with autism are continuously discriminated against by the insurance industry, which often claims insuring autism treatment is simply "too expensive." But putting the burden of these costs on families is no way to handle the problem.

Please use your legislative power to oppose SB 1593 and fight for families who are struggling with autism today.


Petition Signatures

Feb 13, 2018 Bonnie Steiger
Jan 28, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 28, 2018 Martha Williams
Jan 14, 2018 Joyce Davis
Jan 3, 2018 Jodi Ford
Dec 29, 2017 Ashley Snelling
Dec 26, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 13, 2017 Stacey Govito
Nov 17, 2017 Casey Jo Remy
Nov 12, 2017 Lois Freeman
Nov 4, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 2, 2017 Ray & Carol Nalepka
Oct 27, 2017 Deborah Moore
Oct 26, 2017 Kay Shelton
Oct 25, 2017 Kimberly Wallace
Oct 16, 2017 h masih
Oct 6, 2017 JoAnn Evans
Aug 9, 2017 Debra Abatie
Aug 7, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 9, 2017 Beth Smith
Jun 7, 2017 James Deschene
Apr 21, 2017 Rose Abyssinian
Mar 6, 2017 sara Elkins
Mar 6, 2017 Julie Martin
Feb 25, 2017 Melissa Mercey This was such a huge problem for my son. I had the only doctor that could handle him. And then out of the blue i get a letter saying they stopped taking his insurance.
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed) NEANDERTHAL THINKING!
Feb 13, 2017 julian zrnic
Jan 30, 2017 Shanti Redwine
Jan 30, 2017 Sabrina Breitkreutz
Jan 27, 2017 Michelle Howe
Jan 25, 2017 Darnie Hibbler-Nelson
Jan 22, 2017 Patricia Nenadich
Jan 22, 2017 Haley Carriere
Jan 20, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jan 18, 2017 Paul Williams
Dec 22, 2016 Selena Millman
Dec 1, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Nov 30, 2016 Kathy Smith
Nov 24, 2016 K Zoll
Nov 22, 2016 m b
Nov 20, 2016 Tracy Morjal
Nov 2, 2016 Becky Bunch
Oct 31, 2016 Donna Starr
Oct 25, 2016 Marsha Croner
Oct 24, 2016 cindy austin
Oct 23, 2016 Debbie Morgan
Oct 13, 2016 Agnes Hetzel
Sep 18, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Sep 12, 2016 (Name not displayed) If anything people with autism and ASD need all the help from their insurance because of all the therapies that are required on a daily basis. I'm a mother of a 4 year old son and we have lots of therapies during the weeks and dr appointments

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