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If you previously signed this petition on The Child Health Site, your signature has been sent to Governor Jan Brewer. If you know someone who is interested in this cause, please direct them to sign the petition! Thank you!
Goal: 20,000 Progress: 1,884
Sponsored by: The Autism Site

Families living and dealing with autism are facing yet another threat against their insurance coverage. A bill was recently passed in Arizona that would now require families to pay for autism treatments and care largely out of pocket. SB 1593 would nullify previous legislation that allowed families to be reimbursed for autism therapies.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has the power to stand up for families living with autism by vetoing this legislation. If she doesn't, many families will be left with few options as to how to cover their autism therapy costs.

Ask Governor Brewer to do the right thing and fight for families living with autism.

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Dear Governor Brewer:

I am writing to request that you oppose a discriminatory piece of legislation that was recently passed in Arizona. SB 1593, if enacted into law, would make it so that many families who are now receiving insurance coverage for autism therapies will now have to pay largely out of pocket for the same treatments.

This is completely unfair. Those with autism are continuously discriminated against by the insurance industry, which often claims insuring autism treatment is simply "too expensive." But putting the burden of these costs on families is no way to handle the problem.

Please use your legislative power to oppose SB 1593 and fight for families who are struggling with autism today.


Petition Signatures

Sep 16, 2014 Holly Rutledge
Sep 16, 2014 Haley Haas
Sep 15, 2014 Elissa Nelson
Sep 14, 2014 Adriana Taylor
Sep 12, 2014 jessica hoover
Sep 12, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 11, 2014 kaitlin kennedy
Sep 2, 2014 (Name not displayed) Protect our special needs children, do the right thing!!
Sep 2, 2014 Susan Wach Please help these families dealing with autism. It is such a difficult road they travel and they need your help!
Sep 2, 2014 Holly Utz
Sep 2, 2014 BrendaKay Wylie
Sep 2, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 2, 2014 (Name not displayed) ALL OUR CHILDREN ARE EQUAL.
Sep 1, 2014 Lindsey moore
Sep 1, 2014 Carris Crowe
Sep 1, 2014 Steven Wilson
Sep 1, 2014 Kristen Mowery
Sep 1, 2014 Molly Simmons
Sep 1, 2014 Cheryl Schlecht
Sep 1, 2014 Christopher Wilson
Sep 1, 2014 Lisa Wilson
Sep 1, 2014 (Name not displayed) I was discriminated by Gerber life because my child has autism instead of paying $11.00 monthly for $20,000 in life insurance I was offered $3,000 for $10.58 per month. My son does not have an illness. He has high functioning autism aspergers.
Sep 1, 2014 Diane Mulka
Sep 1, 2014 Sandra Mirabile-Griffiths These children and their families need the help! My daughter has been teaching Autistic children in Tempe for over 10 Years . Com and visit the schools !
Sep 1, 2014 valerie clack
Sep 1, 2014 alexa vigenser
Sep 1, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 1, 2014 Allison Odell
Sep 1, 2014 Charles Rener All i have to say is this makes me very angry exspecially when i have to autistic children and i am as well.
Sep 1, 2014 Cassandra Jean
Sep 1, 2014 Lorena Pina
Sep 1, 2014 Jill OBrien
Sep 1, 2014 Alexandrea Pavlica
Sep 1, 2014 Diane Rohaley
Sep 1, 2014 Noreen Murray I think it's sinful that insurance cover little to nothing for Autism Thearpy. My grandson is Autistic and it's sad to see how famous people who can pay for it kids come out of it those who can't stay in their isolated world
Sep 1, 2014 (Name not displayed) The pain all families w autistic children go through is something I wouldn't wish for anyone. Please don't hurt us more by hampering progress our kids can make if we can't afford their therapy.
Sep 1, 2014 Saby Karuppiah
Sep 1, 2014 Tanya Garrett
Sep 1, 2014 Tanika Johnson
Sep 1, 2014 christina desposito I am in the health are industry or over 20 years,I too have an autistic son., he was misdiagnosed,, this is terribly discriminating afterall in is not a preexissting condition, the children were born that way. Ins companies do the right thing
Sep 1, 2014 Ryan Gurgone
Sep 1, 2014 Joanna Rogers This is very umportant.
Sep 1, 2014 (Name not displayed) I don't live in AZ, but autism is close to me, and I know from personal experience how expensive therapies can be, especially out of pocket. Please oppose SB 1593 for the sake of the autistic children of Arizona.
Sep 1, 2014 Stacey ArthurWashburn
Sep 1, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 1, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 1, 2014 Stefanie Adams Please help these families in need.
Sep 1, 2014 Mishelle McClinton
Sep 1, 2014 Carla Murphy
Sep 1, 2014 Michael Jurlin How much are the insurance companies "donating" to force this into legislation? We will be remembered in November!

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