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Due to the backlash received from his negative lyrics about autism in "Jodeci Freestyle," hip hop artist J. Cole has written a public letter to Autism Speaks apologizing for his ignorance. Co-collaborator Drake has also decided to remove the lyric from the song.
Final signature count: 8,933
Sponsored by: The Autism Site

Autism is a condition that shouldn't be taken lightly. In a time where we feel we're making steps forward to raise awareness and sensitivity for autism, pop culture has taken the effort a couple steps back. Hip hop artists Drake and J.Cole have taken aim at the autism community in a newly released song, "Jodeci Freestyle," that perpetuates harmful misconceptions about the condition.

The song has been playing on multiple Clear Channel radio stations across the nation and contains the following lyrics by J. Cole:

"I'm artistic, you n----s is autistic, retarded."

These offensive lyrics making their way around the world and reinforcing autism stereotypes will not be tolerated! It's hard enough to educate others about autism without ignorance getting in the way. Countless talented and inspiring autistic artists can prove J. Cole's lyrics to be ignorant and misinformed.

Let's join together and speak out for autism! Sign this petition to tell Clear Channel executives to not play and support this song on their radio stations.

Dear Clear Channel executives,

It's come to our attention that a number of your radio stations have been playing the newly released song, "Jodeci Freestyle," by hip hop artists Drake and J. Cole. Some of their lyrics have come under fire due to their negative connotations towards autism.

Out of respect to those with autism, we ask that you no longer air this song across your stations, as it promotes negative stereotypes and misinformation among your listeners.

As a broadcasting company owning 850 radio stations in the U.S., along with 140 stations in New Zealand and Australia, amounting to 243 million listeners a month, your refusal to promote this song will help stop the perpetuation of misconceptions about this growing condition.

Education about autism starts by not promoting hurtful and incorrect misconceptions. You can do your part by refusing to play "Jodeci Freestyle" on your airwaves.

Petition Signatures

Aug 20, 2013 Sara White
Aug 19, 2013 Wayne Middleton idiots
Aug 18, 2013 Martha Eberle
Aug 18, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 18, 2013 Shawn Cloninger
Aug 18, 2013 (Name not displayed) I have a 14 yo child on the spectrum and he needs compassion not ridicul! This teaches young people its okay and entertaining to harm other which so many parents now are trying to teach their young to show respect. Have some dignity!
Aug 17, 2013 Sheri Miller my son is 5 and autistic and things like this make me mad at people for being not understanding of children or adults that have autism. i think that this should be removed and a public apology should be made on national television.
Aug 17, 2013 Emma Spurgin Hussey
Aug 17, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 16, 2013 Khristina Graham
Aug 16, 2013 Claire Tomes
Aug 16, 2013 Rebecca Boreham
Aug 16, 2013 Mihaela Stan
Aug 15, 2013 Angela kimbro Don't play or support songs about violence, pro use of drugs, racism or hate toward anyone including whites, disrespect for women, animals, or autistic...just for starts! Don't play songs that encourage loose morals and barbarian thinking.
Aug 15, 2013 Ganzorig Tserendemberel
Aug 15, 2013 Uta Benkelberg
Aug 14, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 14, 2013 Madeleine MacIntyre
Aug 14, 2013 Nicolaus Miller
Aug 14, 2013 Carmen Davila
Aug 14, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 13, 2013 JANICE HAZARD
Aug 13, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 13, 2013 Debra Songer
Aug 13, 2013 Maggie Fenske
Aug 13, 2013 Emily Church
Aug 12, 2013 Cindy Jefferys
Aug 12, 2013 Clayton Graham
Aug 12, 2013 Dorothy Pultorak as a parent to an autistic child and another special needs child I m offeneded please do not play this song ever....
Aug 12, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 12, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 12, 2013 ebreia guimaraes
Aug 12, 2013 Shirley Lim
Aug 11, 2013 laura barberi
Aug 11, 2013 desanee young
Aug 11, 2013 Dana Earnest
Aug 11, 2013 amina benlamine
Aug 10, 2013 Brenda Maldonado
Aug 10, 2013 Vakeshia Sims
Aug 10, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 10, 2013 Winona BlackFeather My 5 year old autistic son has more musical talent and intelligence than these so-called musicians will ever possess.
Aug 10, 2013 martine guérinet
Aug 9, 2013 Larry Farmer
Aug 9, 2013 Nora Michaud
Aug 9, 2013 Nora Giraldo
Aug 8, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 8, 2013 (Name not displayed)
Aug 8, 2013 danielle lowry
Aug 8, 2013 Clara Eder
Aug 8, 2013 Andrea Brattole

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