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Stuff People Say To People With ASD

This hilarious video shows us what it's like to live with autism and interact with others. Every statement is anecdotal and not fictional! Watch now!

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The Autism Site Blog

jackrestaurant1This Little Cutie Uses Skills He Learned Through Play To Help Him At The Restaurant!

Involving play in Jack Riley's therapy has always been an important key in his learning process. His therapists have been working with Jack on functional play, and then for the past couple months have been working on socio-dramatic play.

KittenTherapy1How To Create Magic: Combine Unsuspecting, Stressed Out People With Kittens!

Cats help reduce stress — and any cat owner will tell you that! When stressed people were put in a glass box with a sweet bunch of kittens, something magical happened…. Check out this cool video!

AutismPiano1Music Therapy Can Change Everything…

Oftentimes, children on the Autism Spectrum can have difficulties communicating -- at least in the classical sense of communication. For Justin and Serena, who were both diagnosed with ASD at a young age, words were not an effective way for them to express their emotions. Their mother, Monica, tried several different therapies with very little success -- that is, until she brought her children to piano lessons.

yesican1The Song “Yes I Can” Sends A Positive Message To Stay Strong During Times Of Struggle

“Yes I Can” is an inspirational song that was written and performed by Amber, a Canadian singer/songwriter. She wanted to send a positive message about carrying on even during our lowest moments. It’s a song that will resonate with caregivers as well as those on the spectrum. The kids in the video are all from...

angrykreed2This Is Amazing! Watch Kreed Use His Device To Communicate Through His Anger!

Kreed is learning to communicate via his AAC device — even when he’s angry. He uses a Dynavox t10 with Compass, and it’s helped him immensely. In the following video, Kreed was upset he couldn’t go out to eat and started self-injurious behavior. His mom used an ABA approach to this situation: using differential reinforcement. She...

Help Find a Lost Child with Autism
Children on the spectrum engage in many behaviors that can be incredibly stressful to their families, but among the most stressful is wandering, "eloping", or bolting — that is, leaving a safe space without the knowledge of caregivers. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide one month of a locating service via the FOUND program, using a wristband transmitter, to a family with a child with autism. Thank you!
You can help find a lost child.
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