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Oliver's Journey

"Oli struggled as a baby — feeding issues were apparent from just 2 weeks old. We spent the first 4 months of little Oli's life in and out of hospital, trying to get him feeding. By 6 months, Oli started to settle and gain weight again. However, Oli was now starting to struggle with his milestones..."

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Light Up The Blues Concert — 2014

In April, the Autism Speaks hosted their annual Light Up the Blues concert. The sold-out event drew in many celebrities, like Stephen Stills, Dax Shepard and David Koechner.

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The Autism Site Blog

ChoiceMaking1Save Yourself Some Stress — Share the Control!

Many parents and teachers, especially those dealing with children on the autism spectrum, will often feel frustrated and powerless when trying to maintain rigid control over a classroom or household situation. That's why Rob from Autism Spectrum Therapies took a moment to discuss a simple strategy to give children the sense that they have some control over a situation, even if it's just a bit.

jetbluehorizons1Heads up! Do You Know Your Options When Traveling With Someone On The Spectrum?

Traveling can be stressful no matter who you are or where you’re going— and when you have a family member on the spectrum who doesn’t cope well with new sights and sounds, this can be even more taxing. Fortunately, more and more companies are stepping up to make travel a little easier for the autism […]

MakingWaves3Incredible! Formerly Nonverbal Teen Makes Waves on His High School Swim Team

When Ryan was just two years old, his mother noticed that he had stopped speaking, so she took him in for tests. When she found out he was on the autism spectrum, she realized that she needed to stop focusing on herself, and start giving Ryan a life that will make him happy. As Ryan […]

fiveyearoldspeaks2This Five-Year-Old Boy Used To Be Non-Verbal — But Listen To Him Now!

This little cutie was nonverbal at the age of two, and subsequently diagnosed with autism. Now at age five, thanks to speech therapy, he is talking and reading! Watch as he reads his book and interacts with his parents. Way to go, Dominic! You’re a great reader!

pitbullandgirl3This Dog Is Such A Blessing To This Little Girl! I Love It!

Lacy is a six-year-old girl with autism. Since she was a baby, her best friend and cuddle buddy has been a pit bull named Karma — and Karma adores Lucy. Karma has never had professional therapy training, but her acute understanding of Lucy’s needs has been a blessing to the entire family. Together, this sweet girl and […]

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In the United States, autism affects 1 of every 68 children — and the number of those who are diagnosed every year is growing. We need answers. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ pay for research into causes, prevention, treatments, and cures for autism spectrum disorders through Autism Speaks™, the largest autism research and advocacy organization. Thank you!

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