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Autism Awareness
Living With Autism: A Grocery Store Outing

Noah was diagnosed with autism, but his father David, doesn't want his condition to stop him from being a functioning independent individual who can contribute to his community. Click to learn more!

Autism Awareness Month

We became parents at an early age. Like most young parents, we had no idea what we were doing — but with the help of family we learned quickly.

It wasn't until Logan was about one and a half that we started noticing delays in his speech and some temper tantrums...

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Ethan's Story

Ethan's Story

Ethan was born late October, 2011. He was such a happy baby, and was hitting all his milestones — some even early! He loved playing with his big brother. Then he had his first birthday. Everything changed, almost like a light switch being turned off. He started wanting to be by himself, not wanting to play with anyone. He avoided interaction with others and seemed like he could not hear. The hearing was our main concern, so we took him to the doctor's and then they mentioned sending him to get checked for autism.

We went, and it was determined that he has PDD-NOS. We will need to take him back when he is three to get checked again. We were told about early intervention, so we started. Now it is six months later and what a difference! We are starting to see our little man come back to us. It is almost like he needed to retreat into a different world, and now we are slowly building a bridge back to us.

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Behavioral Therapy for Autism in Military Families
Now 1 in 68 children have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. ACT Today! For Military Families has been making a difference in the lives of military children on the spectrum since 2005. They know the challenges that military families face. In turn, they help improve the day-to-day lives of these families by helping cover out-of-pocket costs for necessary treatment. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help provide Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy treatment for military children on the spectrum. Thank you!

Help a military child today!
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