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Happily Married To Mr. Spock

"When I met my husband, everything appeared "normal". We shared so many interests we could speak for hours. After we married and he was no longer courting me, something changed; his attention. I analogize it to a lighthouse, the light turned off and left me in the dark..."

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"Autism Parents Be Like..."

Parenting isn't easy. Why not take a minute to have a good-natured laugh at some of the challenges autism parents face? Check out this hilarious and relatable video!

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Help Find a Lost Child with Autism

Children on the spectrum engage in many behaviors that can be incredibly stressful to their families, but among the most stressful is wandering, or leaving a safe space without the knowledge of caregivers. This behavior can be dangerous due to weather, traffic, and oftentimes an inability to communicate with people who can help. Preventing this behavior is key, but sometimes that fails.

Your donation through this Gift That Gives More™ funds a locating service that reunites children and their families.

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