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He Taught Me To Play In The Rain

"I was frustrated when my 3-year-old Autistic son ran outside this morning in the rain when I let the dogs out. It was as if Trey couldn't hear me yelling for him to come in. Then I saw the complete happiness on Trey's face..."

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My Awesome Firstborn Son

Today my Caleb is 10. He has good days, and hard days. He loves helping people, Minecraft, and cooking. He is affectionate, stunningly beautiful, oddly insightful and not at all humble!

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Vibrant Cool Weather Tops!

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The Autism Site Blog

pitbullandgirl1This Dog Is Such A Blessing To This Little Girl! I Love It!

Lacy is a six-year-old girl with autism. Since she was a baby, her best friend and cuddle buddy has been a pit bull named Karma — and Karma adores Lucy. Karma has never had professional therapy training, but her acute understanding of Lucy’s needs has been a blessing to the entire family. Together, this sweet girl and loving pit...

puppytoadult3This German Shepherd Owner Took One Photo Of His Dog Per Day For One Year And This Is The Result. Amazing!

Happy National Dog Day! They grow up too fast, as this owner found out when he took one picture a day of his dog's first year of life. In just 40 seconds, we see him transform from an adorable 8 week old puppy to a handsome 1 year old young man!

SynapsePruning2Autism Breakthrough! Researchers May Have Identified the Neurological Mechanism that Causes Autism

While most researchers agree that autism is triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, no one has been able to pinpoint the triggered neurological mechanism that ultimately results in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, new research may explain this longstanding mystery. In the study, researchers found that the brains of people with ASD had a significantly higher number of brain synapses -- the information-transferring connections between brain cells -- than brains of people without ASD.

dwarf3Your Appearance Shouldn’t Dictate How You’re Treated! This Man Is Taking A Stand.

Jonathon Novick is a dwarf with achondroplasia. After moving to New York City last year, he started getting harassed about his appearance — something he had never had to deal with growing up, as the people in his community simply accepted who he was. The comments really got to Jonathon, and he wanted to do...

Rubixcube3OMG! This Boy Turned Rubik’s Cubes Into A Passion And Became Renowned For His Skill. It’s Awe Inspiring!

When Max Park’s doctor suggested using Rubik’s Cubes to help his fine motor skills, no one could have imagined he would become one of the fastest Rubix Cube players in the world! He turned his love of solving them into other avenues as well, finding new outlets for his many talents. Seeing what he can...

Better Medical Care for Children with Autism
If you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, or know a family affected by Autism, you know that obtaining proper medical care for associated physical health concerns can be another challenge in a life already filled with challenges. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ will help develop a web-based system for providing technical assistance to primary care providers who are diagnosing and treating children with autism spectrum disorders. Thank you!
Help give families information and access!
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