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This sweet little girl is so excited to meet her baby sister! After inspecting the new baby's fingers and toes she suddenly goes quiet...

Help fund global research into the causes, prevention, and treatments for autism. In any disorder, there are four basic questions to investigate: What is it? What causes it? How do you know if someone has it? And how do we make it better? Autism demands answers...

Help fund research for autism!

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Behavioral Therapy for Autism in Military Families

ACT Today! For Military Families has been making a difference in the lives of military children on the spectrum since 2005. They know the challenges that military families face. In turn, they help improve the day-to-day lives of these families by helping cover out-of-pocket costs for necessary treatment.

This Gift That Gives Moreā„¢ provides Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy treatment for military children on the spectrum.

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