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My Miracle

"God blessed me with the most lovable, interesting, fun little boy ever. During his 1st birthday, I noticed he wasn't trying to walk and didn't take his first step til 14 months. In Kindergarten, he came home crying, saying his teacher didn't like him and she wouldn't let him play with the other kids..."

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The Autism Site Blog

babyhusky1This Baby and His Husky Have An Adorable Bond! See Their Precious Interaction

A true mark of friendship is when friends can understand each other without words. Obviously, this little cutie has a best friend for life! Watch the adorable interaction between this toddler and his furry BFF in the following video!

timsplace1Tim’s Place — Service With A Smile (AND A Hug!)

Tim’s Place is a unique restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico that has a special edge — the owner, Tim, gives out hugs to all of his patrons! His enthusiasm for his work never stops. For example, when he walks through the parking lot to the restaurant every day, Tim can’t contain his zeal. “I am so...

Siri1See How Siri Enhanced One ASD Boy’s Sociability!

Gus Newman, Judith's thirteen-year-old son, is on the autism spectrum. He often has difficulty with human-to-human interactions, like many children with autism, and his conversations would often seem tangential or fragmented. But in her article, Judith states, "My son's practice conversation with Siri is translating into more facility with actual humans." Though one might argue that Gus's conversations with Siri are not merely "practice." Rather, they are discussions between two intelligent beings -- one of which happens to be a digital application, and the other a human -- each of whom take every word by their most literal meaning.

broccolisprouts1A Chemical Found In Broccoli Sprouts Could Mitigate Some Common Autism Behaviors

Could broccoli sprouts help ease certain symptoms of autism? Broccoli sprouts contain large amounts of sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant. Scientists from the MassGeneral Hospital For Children and John Hopkins University conducted a study involving 40 males, aged 13 to 27, with moderate to severe autism. Some were given sulforaphane in pill form, and some were...

rickguidotti3When A Fashion Photographer Switches His Focus From Beauty Magazines To People With Differences, Magic Happens.

Rick Guidotti is the founder of the nonprofit Positive Exposure, which aims to show “the beauty in human diversity.” As a fashion photographer based in New York City, Guidotti grew tired of being told who was beautiful enough to photograph. One day, after seeing a stunning woman on the street who had albinism, he did...

Better Medical Care for Children with Autism
If you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, or know a family affected by Autism, you know that obtaining proper medical care for associated physical health concerns can be another challenge in a life already filled with challenges. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ will help develop a web-based system for providing technical assistance to primary care providers who are diagnosing and treating children with autism spectrum disorders. Thank you!
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