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Playing with an ASD Child

playing tips

Like neurotypical kids, kids with autism play. However, they do it a little differently. Here are four tips loved ones can employ when playing with a child on the spectrum.

One Day

My name is David Keosababian and this is my tale of my life with autism. I was a quiet boy in elementary. I played with Legos, by myself; leaves, by myself; dirt, by myself; even with naught but my sole imagination, by myself. I had friends and even a best friend. But, I was still quiet...

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Contribute to Autism Research

In the United States, autism affects 1 of every 68 children. And the number of those who are diagnosed every year is growing. We need answers. In any disease or disorder, there are four basic questions to investigate: What is it? What causes it? How do you know if someone has it? And how do we help those who have it?

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ pay for research into causes, prevention, and treatments for autism spectrum disorders.

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