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Support Vaccines

The results of study after study on vaccines are unanimous: vaccines do not cause autism. Yet fears remain, now fueled, in part, by President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly expressed his belief that they are dangerous. This fear can cause serious health consequences.

Tell President Trump to stand with science!

Changing Spaces

Diapers aren't just needed for infants or toddlers learning to potty train. Many older children and adults with disabilities must wear them, too. But what happens when they outgrow baby changing tables? Options are limited and often degrading. They deserve better.

Restrooms need to provide adult changing tables!

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Protect Children with Autism from Wandering

Children on the spectrum engage in many behaviors that can be incredibly stressful to their families, but among the most stressful is wandering, or leaving a safe space without the knowledge of caregivers. This behavior can be dangerous.

Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provides families with preventative tools to keep children with autism safe from wandering.

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