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Nonverbal Day

I decided to go nonverbal for a day. While I'm on the autism spectrum myself, I've always been verbal. I made it pretty easy on myself — I didn't have to work or any appointments or phone calls to make. I was thinking it would be a really simple Saturday. I was wrong...

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week of camp

A Week of Camp for ASD Kids

Many children with autism, hemophilia, or asthma can't attend a typical summer camp, causing them to miss out on a classic childhood experience. Dragonfly Forest was established to change that, giving kids with medical needs a week filled with friends and fun.

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Better Medical Care for Children with Autism

For years, autism has been considered by many insurance companies as solely a mental health issue. As a result, physical health issues associated with autism have been ignored.

This Gift That Gives More™ will help the Autism Treatment Network (ATM) create a model of comprehensive care to identify, manage, and treat the physical health conditions of children with autism.

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