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Laura's Story

"I was diagnosed with autism in the 5th grade."

"After high school, I went to Palomar Community College and studied Culinary until California cut it from every colleges' curriculum. Then my husband (who was a friend at the time) showed up in his class A's and it was love at first sight."

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My Ash

Ashton has always been a little different. The rest of my family thought he would grow out of most things, but the bigger he got, the more negative and defiant he got — along with more ticks and obsessive, strange behavior. And the bigger he got, the more I knew I couldn't give him the help he needed...

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Behavioral Therapy for Autism in Military Families

One in 88 military families have a child with autism. These families, who have devoted themselves to protecting our freedom, need a helping hand to provide the best care for their children. For Military Families has been making a difference in their lives since 2005. They know the challenges that military families face. In turn, they help improve their day-to-day lives by helping cover out-of-pocket costs for necessary treatment.

This Gift That Gives More™ provides Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy treatment for military children on the spectrum.

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