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Protect Children with Autism from Wandering

Prevent Autism Wandering

Children on the spectrum engage in many behaviors that can be incredibly stressful to their families, but among the most stressful is wandering, "eloping", or bolting - that is, leaving a safe space without the knowledge of caregivers.

Help protect children from wandering.

Speech Therapy

For a child with autism, successfully communicating with others — something most of us take for granted — can be a major challenge. Just $15 helps provide speech therapy to a child with autism through National Autism Association's Helping Hands grant program.

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The Autism Site Blog

Decoding1Could a Major New Finding Lead to More Treatment Options?

There’s newfound hope on the horizon for those with autism and their families. Two major studies conducted through the combined efforts of dozens of labs across the world have identified more than 100 genes’ association with autism spectrum disorders. 14,000 DNA samples were used in the groundbreaking study that scientists are calling a significant turning...

Spiderdog2This Giant Spider Dog Prank Is Awesome! And The Last Guy’s Reaction Was Amazing!

This is so great! Polish actor SA Wardega pulled off one of the most hilarious pranks ever with the help of his friendly dog (and a giant spider costume)! He unleashes Chica, the terrifyingly adorable spider-dog, on some unsuspecting victims — and it's just fantastic. Watch now!

homecomingtwins1This Teen With ASD Was Named Homecoming King. And The Queen? His Twin Sister!

For high schools across the nation, football games and homecoming court go hand-in-hand with the fall season. Weatherford High School in Texas just crowned their homecoming king and queen, and their story will warm your heart. Robby and Paulie Cocke are fraternal twins, and have been inseparable most of their lives. Robby was diagnosed with...

MissingBoy1Peyton Blodgett Has Been Found!

After being missing for over forty-eight hours, Peyton Blodgett -- an eight-year-old boy on the autism spectrum -- has been found! The Baker County, Fla. Sheriff's Department found the wandering boy under a bush in the dense woods behind the house he was last seen. Deputy Clements Leo spotted the boy's blue jeans from a helicopter, which allowed deputies on the ground to locate Peyton and bring him to safety.

meltdownstantrums1What’s The Difference Between Meltdowns & Tantrums For A Child With ASD?

What is the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum for a child on the spectrum? Deb Lipsky explains that meltdowns are involuntary reactions to stresses, either through cognitive overload or sensory overload. A tantrum, on the other hand, “is a willful manipulation of behavior to get an end desired result.” Listen as Lipsky, a...

Protect Children with Autism from Wandering
Prevention is key to keeping a child on the spectrum safe from wandering. The "Big Red Safety Box" contains home alarms for doors, shoe IDs for children to wear (both now better quality to be longer-lasting), visual aid stop signs for the child to understand not to open doors, silicone wristbands, as well as many written material and forms to share information about the wanderer with family, friends, and law enforcement. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide one Big Red Safety Box to a family to help keep children who show this behavior safe. Thank you!
Help keep a child with an autism spectrum disorder out of harm's way!
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