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Blessed With Two

On 25th March, 2012, I became a mother to twins, Riley and Gracie. It was the best day of my life. When they were a year old, I became concerned. They didn't respond to their names, and they wouldn't make eye contact no matter how funny I tried to be — making faces and blowing raspberries...

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Dan Aykroyd Discusses Asperger's

Dan Aykroyd Discusses Asperger’s

When Dan Aykroyd was a young boy, he was diagnosed with Tourette's and Asperger's. Now both are controllable and manageable, and he has been able to channel them creatively.

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Our Hero

Our Hero

Since Aiden's story was first posted on Autism Awareness he has accomplished so much!!! Things were not always easy for him as a toddler. Right off, we knew something was not normal. The late night tantrums of uncontrollable cries for help were more than enough to have us seek help and an answer. Aiden was seen by all kinds of doctors, therapists and specialists. Still there was no diagnosis -- until we heard of the Austism Network in San Antonio, Texas. They met with us and evaluated Aiden for several hours during the first visit. After several visits for a period of two years the only answer they could give us was the one we didn't want to hear: "Your child is Autistic."

I can honestly say our hearts were NOT broken. We had a child in our lives that would need extra care and so much more love then we already had for him. We were grateful to have an answer. Now we knew what we had to do to get him the help he would need. We didn't sit on it. Right away Aiden was enrolled in school. He was blessed to have such a wonderful teacher and aide to work with him for three wonderful years. They took him by his hand and educated him from their hearts. Kari and Yolanda, you are our heroes and you are Aiden's blessing.

Aiden is now 6 and taking every obstacle and just running with it! He is super smart, loving and funny. What I love most is that he has so much compassion for being such a young child. His last words before he goes to sleep are always, "I love you Jesus." He loves and adores his baby sister Emmalee, he loves school, and can be a little chatterbox. Aiden is doing great. He is enrolled in a general educational classroom and he participates in everything all the other children do, and he does great with them. We know he still has a long road ahead, but we trust in God to continue his blessings upon him.

Mary Camacho, Devine, TX

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Therapeutic Family Play Session For Children With Autism
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