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Mom Calms Meltdown

calm meltdown

Isabella is a sweet girl with severe autism who sometimes she has meltdowns and tries to bang her head. Watch Isabella's mom try to stop her from hurting herself!

Reece Isn't Broken

Reece had many of the typical issues for an autistic child, but I reacted with anger anytime it was even brought up. There was nothing wrong with him! He wasn't broken and didn't need to be fixed! He was my perfect son! Why couldn't everyone see that? In reality I was keeping my own eyes shut...

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Better Medical Care for Children with Autism

For years, autism has been considered by many insurance companies as solely a mental health issue. As a result, physical health issues associated with autism have been ignored.

This Gift That Gives More™ will help the Autism Treatment Network (ATM) create a model of comprehensive care to identify, manage, and treat the physical health conditions of children with autism.

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