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Autism Awareness

Children on the spectrum tend to wander, "elope", or bolt — that is, leave a safe space without the knowledge of caregivers. Your donation will keep a child with autism safe! .

Autism Awareness Month

Madelynn was my first child, so I never noticed that she was "different" until I took her to her three-year well child appointment.

Her doctor noticed that she didn't maintain eye contact and that she repeated single words over and over. The doctor told me that Maddy showed signs of Autism.

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Pledge Your Support for Those Affected by Autism

Pledge Your Support for Those Affected by Autism

Autism is one of the fastest-growing learning and developmental disabilities in the United States: a child is diagnosed every 20 minutes. Families and children are growing more and more desperate for support and resources as the disability does not currently have any early detection methods or a cure."

Autism costs Americans close to $40 billion per year — a figure that underscores the extreme need for further funding, research, and support for families dealing with autism."

We must be conscious of the language we use to describe the emotions surrounding an autism diagnosis. Yes, it might be frightening; but children with autism aren't a loss at all. They're distinctive human beings that should be nurtured and appreciated.

Sign the pledge below, adding your name to the list of people who support the fight against autism.

In-Home Support for a Family Impacted by Autism
St. David's Center for Child And Family Development provides in-home support services for families with a child or children on the autism spectrum. Their family support practitioners and graduate-level interns spend time with parents and children at home, focusing on building skills. They work in collaboration with other St. David's Center staff to ensure that critical goals from the day treatment program transfer to the home setting. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ help provide this exceptional support for a family living with autism. Thank you!

Every bit helps.
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