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Late Diagnosis

I was born with Asperger's but I wasn't diagnosed until I was almost 17. It was very lonely and I would misunderstand simple things that NTs (neural typicals) did like teasing or flirting. I felt uncomfortable or thought they were trying to hurt my feelings. I befriended a girl who miraculously was patient with me...

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Changing Spaces

Diapers aren't just needed for infants or toddlers learning to potty train. Many older children and adults with disabilities must wear them, too. But what happens when they outgrow baby changing tables? Options are limited and often degrading. They deserve better.

Restrooms need to provide adult changing tables!

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A Week of Camp for Children with Autism

Many children with a diagnosis like autism, sickle cell disease, or asthma cannot attend a typical summer camp because they need specialized support. Too often, that means they miss out on the independence, confidence, and friendships that other children find at an overnight camp. Dragonfly Forest was established to provide a week of summer camp to children with autism or special medical needs. The program is donation-supported, allowing children of all socioeconomic backgrounds to attend.

Your donation through this Gift That Gives More™ covers the cost of food for one child at one day of camp.

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