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Lawyer With Autism

Erik Weber, a man with autism, recently became a lawyer. Considering where he is today, you'll never believe what doctors predicted when he was first diagnosed.

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Stop the Campaign

Smog is a dangerous pollutant that damages human health. Updating our smog limits to 60ppb would prevent asthma attacks and even premature deaths. But the American Petroleum Institute has launched a campaign presenting falsehoods about the costs of strong clean air standards.

Tell API to stop their campaign!

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Give an Autism Family a Session of Play Therapy

Family play therapy is great fun, but it's more than that. It teaches families to help children with autism develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as social interaction skills.

This Gift That Gives More™ provides an hour-long family play therapy session for children with autism. The family is also given access to a toy-lending library so that the helpful interactions can continue at home.

Give Now!

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