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What Is SPD Like?

Amethyst is a young woman on the spectrum who hosts a series called "Ask An Autistic" on YouTube. Here, she answers questions about sensory processing disorder.

My Life

Just because I have Asperger's doesn't mean that there's stuff I cannot do. You see, I've done a fair bit with my life: I'm a black belt in karate and have done the form of karate I practise for over 12 years, I'm a University Graduate (B.A in Drama and Media combined), I'm an amateur stand up comedian...

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Jayce and Adi

Jayce and Adi

Our journey began, ironically enough, in April (National Autism Awareness Month), when our 2-year-old son, Jayce, was diagnosed with severe Autism, SPD, and remains today, at age 3, as non-verbal. We knew there was something a little different about our boy, but we saw the easy-going lovable Jayce and that was all that mattered. He qualified for therapy at 1 year old and little did I know he probably would have been diagnosed at that time too. I was not ready to accept it and denied the services requesting an evaluation 6 months later. I knew he would grow out of "it" whatever that "it" may be.

I changed Pediatricians and immediately I could see the concern in her eyes. I was then terrified. I started my research at that time and have been advocating for my little guy ever since. He is the most precious, sweet, tender angel and if anything he has given me a second life. I feel like his diagnosis has shown me how to be a more compassionate, open-minded, humble person and for this I will always be indebted to him. He is my hero in so many ways. His diagnosis has also opened our eyes to a few of his older sisters traits and characteristics. We now understand and see stimming in her and know that she is on the high end of the spectrum herself. Her name is Adilynn and she is in the pic as well. She is in mainstream Kindergarten and is excelling beautifully.

Jayce is now in Preschool with an amazing set of teachers and therapists who just happen to gush over him every day. He is purposeful, makes great eye contact, stays on task, and listens (just when you think he isn't).

I love my babes to the moon and I would never dream of changing them. Every day is a new day and we will use each and every one of those days to grow and learn together. This journey is ours as a family and we couldn't be more proud of our Super Jayce and Adibear!

Jessica Dowell, Terre Haute, IN

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