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Stuff People Say To People With ASD

This hilarious video shows us what it's like to live with autism and interact with others. Every statement is anecdotal and not fictional! Watch now!

Sensory Integration Therapy

An occupational therapist discusses how he uses sensory integration therapy to help children with ASD obtain skills that they may not be able to successfully develop by themselves. Learn more!

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The Autism Site Blog

FourMilesOfHope2Four Measly Miles Can Bring So Much Hope!

Four Miles of Hope is a run-for-funds event that seeks runners and donations to make a difference in the lives of people who have been affected by autism. Alex and Jamie Schneider, twins on the autism spectrum, saw Four Miles of Hope as the perfect opportunity to combine their love of running with their desire to help their compeers 0n the autism spectrum.

bellasaysmmm2This Brief Glimpse Into Severe Autism Will Break Your Heart — And Give You Hope!

Speaking is something that many of us can take for granted. However, for some people on the spectrum, learning to speak can be a challenge — sometimes a lifelong one. And for those on the severe end of the spectrum, they may remain nonverbal their whole lives. Isabella is a beautiful little girl with severe...

autismcomicbook1I Can’t Wait To Read This! The Comic World’s First Superhero With Autism Has Arrived

The first comic superhero with autism has arrived! Created by Dave Kot, “Face Value” is a comic book centered around a hero named Michael with a special superpower — autism. The comic has been a huge hit since it hit the shelves, and fans are finding a superhero they can relate to. Kot, who is on...

jameshobley1This Boy With ASD Auditioned For Britain’s Got Talent When He Was Only 11 — And His Performance Is INCREDIBLE

James Hobley was diagnosed with autism as a child. Growing up, he wore orthopedic boots and splints on the back of his legs to help him walk, due to his inclination to walk on his tiptoes. One day, his mother got a flyer in the mail about a dance activity for kids, and she decided...

BrainwaveTest3This Potential Diagnosistic Technique Could Change Everything!

Currently, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is diagnosed by a clinician, who observes the patient's behavior and developmental history to determine whether he or she may have ASD tendencies. However, researchers are working on a more objective approach to diagnosing ASD, by measuring brainwaves and comparing them to the classical behavioral and developmental diagnoses.

Contribute to Autism Research
In the United States, autism affects 1 of every 68 children — and the number of those who are diagnosed every year is growing. We need answers. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ pay for research into causes, prevention, treatments, and cures for autism spectrum disorders through Autism Speaks™, the largest autism research and advocacy organization. Thank you!

Help fund global research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and a cure for autism.
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