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Sisters Of Invention

The Sisters Of Invention are a fantastic vocal group who write and produce their own songs. What makes the group extra awesome is that the five members all have a learning disability.

Support Autism Research

Support Autism Research

In any disorder, there are four basic questions to investigate: What is it? What causes it? How do you know if someone has it? and, most importantly, how do we make it better? Autism demands answers for all of these questions, and all are priorities.

Help fund research for autism!

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The Autism Site Blog

calming1Calming A Meltdown Can Be Frustratingly Difficult. Have You Tried This Method?

Calming a child during a meltdown can be stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating for all involved. There are different methods you can use, and Will's parents have found success using a swing. At the time they posted their video, it was the only way they could calm him during a meltdown.

Girl_brushing_teethSix Tips For Taking Your ASD Child To The Dentist

Many people dread going to the dentist. For a child on the spectrum with SPD (sensory processing disorder), a trip to the dentist can be even more terrifying. The new sights, sounds, and sensations can be incredibly overwhelming, and it can create a situation that is stressful for everyone involved. However, preventative dental care is...

DearKittenSuperbowl1Cat Explains The Superbowl To Kitten — And It’s Hilarious!

In the latest installment of 'Dear Kitten', Cat explains the weird rituals humans have during "The Big Game". He tries to warn kitten about the random intervals where everyone shouts, the significance of the costumes they wear, and the strange game they play with their snack foods.

fix-you1Music Is Powerful! Blair Reacts So Beautifully When He Hears His Favorite Song “Fix You” By Coldplay

Music can speak to us in such powerful ways. Blair is on the autism spectrum, and when he hears a cover of "Fix You" by Coldplay as he's walking down the street, he reacts in such a beautiful way. According to his parents, any song by Coldplay puts a smile on his face.

DogAndRaccoon2Normally I Wouldn’t Call A Raccoon Cute, But This Video Proves Otherwise!

Aw! This video of a dog and raccoon playing is the greatest thing ever! Don't you just love animal odd couples? I know I do!

Help Find a Lost Child with Autism
Children on the spectrum engage in many behaviors that can be incredibly stressful to their families, but among the most stressful is wandering, "eloping", or bolting — that is, leaving a safe space without the knowledge of caregivers. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ provide one month of a locating service via the FOUND program, using a wristband transmitter, to a family with a child with autism. Thank you!
You can help find a lost child.
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