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Pepper the cat saves home from fire

Cats are limber, spritely creatures, and one feline in the United Kingdom used these finer attributes to save her family's home from burning down.

According to the Daily Mail, Pepper, a 5-year-old feline, was trained to open a kitchen window in order to let herself out every night. However, when her owners went shopping and a blaze engulfed the apartment, she apparently knew she had to act quickly.

The animal soon opened the window, and the smoke from the fire alerted neighbors to the incident.

"There is some damage to the kitchen but it was isolated so nothing compared to what it could have been," Pepper's owner, Phil White, told the news outlet. ''He's got a real mind of his own and is usually a bit of a pain. But on this occasion we're grateful as without him, and our neighbours, the fire could have been so much worse."

Cats are intelligent creatures and have brain structure similar to humans. They also receive input from the basic five senses in the same way that we do. 
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